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Welcome to AngolSuli Kft., a book publishing company in Makó, SE Hungary!

You can see past, present and future as you look at the cover pages of our publications at the top of this page.  Actually we have more books than we could fit into the banner area but these will give you a good glimpse of where we started in 1999 and where we are heading now.  If you click here or on the pictures at the top of this page you can see a list of our current publications that are available for international distribution, translation and/or re-publication.

The ultimate future may be you if you happen to be interested in book publishing or distribution and are looking for a business partner in Hungary.

I started producing materials as soon as I started teaching English as a Second Language in 1992.  I established a private language school in 1997 and the first "English Reader" booklet came out in 1999.  Five more followed in the years after.  But the language school lacked financial resources so we could not afford better quality publications.  Most of the booklets were only used and sold within the language school.

With the dawn of the digital age we could start publishing books that looked like real books rather than cheap booklets.  The first title, English Reader, Tests 4 Fun #1 came out in 2007.  It had a color cover and looked like a real high quality book and not like a cheap booklet.  It was costly but it was attractive and we could finally sell some copies to external customers and not only to our students.  We decided to produce a Teacher's Edition, too and started advertising it in schools.

Less than a year later we were mass producing other books in thousands of copies and for the opening of the Christmas season shopping we could offer four different books throughout the country.

In our efforts to sell books within Hungary we had to face great challenges.  It is not easy to find wholesale distributors who are willing to take in books from newcomers.  It appears that the whole market is reserved for those who have been around for quite some time. It took approximately 8 months to break through.  In the process we had to change company format and so we became a Limited Liability Company.   But these difficult times seem to be behind us now.  Our books can be placed into shops all over Hungary and several major chains distribute them.  First in the publisher's history we are able to place ads in country-wide publications.  It may be still too early to call, but we are on the right track to become a success story.

In order to succeed we have set a few simple goals:

bullet We will primarily produce high standard language teaching materials in the initial phase of establishing the company.
bullet We will find niche markets and satisfy existing needs no matter what those needs may be.
bullet We will be more flexible than any market leader publisher can be.
bullet We will produce high quality books with contents missing from the market.
bullet We will gradually increase the number of books.

Now, these are simple goals but it is not easy to achieve them.  What we have done so far is just the beginning.  We have five major areas of books:

  1. Funny language teaching books/tests.
  2. A false beginner textbook with a workbook and full Internet support for individual learners.
  3. Content that is brand new in the country (e.g. Unofficial English, the first "over 18" language teaching material).
  4. Books by unknown authors with a high potential for success.
  5. Kids' English with Kira (little colorful books for kindergarten and lower grade students)

But we want to move forward from publishing only for the Hungarian market.  We want to introduce ELT books first in other EU member states, later all over the world.   With the Romanian border very close to the home town of the publisher, we can easily reach out to new external markets.  We would like to be present in most EU states by 2015-2020. 

Success in the initial phase encourages us to look for potential partners and move beyond the country's borders without much hesitation.  Perhaps you may be just the potential partner we are looking for.  What we have:

bullet A wealth of knowledge
bullet Good materials that can be readily sold in other countries
bullet A willingness to cooperate and consider any mutually beneficial offer
bullet An international name to be used: World English School LLC

What we need is an honest partner who:

bullet has viable plans
bullet has appropriate resources and capital
bullet has a thorough understanding of local markets and needs
bullet knows the school textbook system and can introduce our books when adapted

The ways we can cooperate include:

bullet We can provide books for our partner to introduce and distribute them in a local market.
bullet We can guarantee translation rights for some of our books.
bullet We can establish a joint company if necessary.

Should you be interested, please, send us an e-mail.

Dr. Ervin Nemeth
CEO, AngolSuli Kft.

(Last updated: March 22, 2010)






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